Go-karts Warsaw

Which go-kart track to choose in Warsaw? 

Do you like driving fast? Motivated by the spirit of sensible competition in a sporty motoring atmosphere? We have something special for you.

Come to the go-cart track of the Racing Center Warsaw and race modern go-carts.

With us you will gain speed on long straights and test your skills behind the wheel on sharp turns. Start your adventure with electric go-karts at the Racing Center Warsaw go-kart track.


Our go-kart track has been built to provide a racing authenticity and experience for all visitors to the RCW go-kart track.

We strive to provide the highest level of service at all times, without compromising on maximum safety standards.

The hall of the best go-kart track in Warsaw is located in Stara Wieś near Warsaw. There is a large car park in front of the hall where guests of the Racing Center Warsaw can leave their cars.

Racing Center Warsaw offers a variety of professional go-karts and races.

Guests can race in:

9 HP electric go-karts. The electric karts are manufactured by SODI, a company that is a world leader in kart manufacturing. RCW offers the SODI RSX model. To take part in the race, the participant must be at least 160 cm tall.
Youth internal combustion karts with 6.5 HP. The internal combustion karts, like the electric karts, are from a series of vehicles manufactured by SODI. RCW offers the SODI LR5 model. To drive a combustion kart, the participant must be at least 135 cm.
Two-person go-kart with 9 HP. Racing Center Warsaw offers the SODI TANDEM two-person go-kart. In order to race the two-person go-kart, the passenger must be at least 110 cm tall. This is ideal for children who cannot take part in the race themselves.
Children's internal combustion go-kart with 1.5 HP. Children between the ages of 4 and 6 can ride our children's combustion go-kart. RCW offers the SODI KID RACER model. Racing Center Warsaw offers diesel go-karts for children on a specialised, safe go-kart track with a length of 25 m.

Electric and diesel go-karts are great fun for the whole family in Warsaw. 

You don't need any qualifications to take part in a professional grand prix race.

At the go-kart track of the Racing Center Warsaw, adults in electric go-karts and children and teenagers in diesel go-karts can take part in races.

Any visitor who wants to feel like a racing driver will find something for themselves.

Our professional instructors will prepare you reliably for the race and take care of your safety.


After an exciting race, you can enjoy additional activities such as table tennis, billiards or table football. This is the perfect place to spend time with family and friends in the spirit of sensible competition.

The electric go-kart can be booked by phone or directly on our website.

Don't wait. Just get going and have a fantastic time in electric karts at the Racing Center Warsaw go-kart track. 

Full adrenaline at the go-kart track in Warsaw.

One line of the go-kart track is 700 metres of pure adrenaline. The track is fenced with protective plates.