Go-karts Warsaw


Which kart track to choose in Warsaw? 


Do you like fast driving? Are you motivated by the spirit of reasonable competition in the sports automotive climate? We have something special for you.

Come to the kart track of Racing Center Warsaw and race in modern karts.


With us, you will gather speed on long straights and test your skills behind the wheel at sharp bends. Start your adventure with electrical karts in the kart track of Racing Center Warsaw.


Our kart track was constructed to provide race authenticity and experience to all guests of the RCW kart track.

We try to provide first rate services all the time without prejudice to maximum safety standards.


The hall of the best kart track in Warsaw is located in Stara Wieś near Warsaw. In front of the hall there is a large car park, where guests of Racing Center Warsaw can leave their cars.


Types of karts in the karting track in Warsaw 


Racing Center Warsaw offers various professional karts and races.


The guests can race in:

  • Electrical karts of 9KM. Electrical karts are produced by SODI, which is the world leader in the production of karts. RCW offers the SODI RSX model. To take part in the race, the participant must be at least 160 cm high.
  • Youth diesel karts of 6.5 KM. Diesel karts, similarly to electrical karts, come from the series of vehicles produced by SODI. RCW offers the SODI LR5 model. To drive a diesel kart, the participant must be at least 135 cm and no more than 160 cm high.
  • Two-man kart of 9 KM. Racing Center Warsaw offers a SODI TANDEM two-man kart. The passenger must be at least 110 cm high to take part in the race in the two-man kart. It is an ideal solution for children who cannot take part in the race on their own.
  • Children’s diesel kart of 1.5 KM. Children of 4 to 6 years of age can drive our children’s diesel kart. RCW offers a SODI KID RACER model. Racing Center Warsaw offers a children’s diesel kart in the specialised safe kart track of 25 m.



Electrical and diesel karts are great fun for the whole family in Warsaw 


To take part in the professional grand prix race, you do not need to have any authorisation.

In the kart track of Racing Center Warsaw, races can be attended by adults in electrical karts and children and youth in diesel karts.

Every guest that wants to feel like a race driver will find something proper.


Our professional instructors will prepare you to the race and take care of your safety in a reliable way.

After the exiting race, you can take advantage of additional attractions, like table tennis, billiards or table football. This is an excellent place to spend your time with family and friends in the spirit of reasonable competition.

An electrical kart can be booked by phone or directly in our website.


Don’t wait. Just move and have fantastic fun in electrical karts in the kart track of Racing Center Warsaw. 

Full adrenaline in the kart track in Warsaw.


One line of the kart track is 800 metres of pure adrenaline. The track is fenced with protective boards. 

In the track, there are four types of surface to make it a challenge both for amateurs and professionals of kart races.


During the race, you will be surprised with many elements, including a bridge or a tunnel. The whole race is supervised by trainers and enthusiasts of fast driving.

Driving time will be measured by the modern time measurement system.

All times are displayed in the modern LED board, which is fixed over the kart track. We can monitor your time and the time of your friends during the race.


You will have all of this in the kart track of Racing Center Warsaw.


Gather speed in the kart track in Warsaw 


Kart driving is fun at full throttle. Kart racing in Racing Center Warsaw guarantees adrenaline surge. 

Test your reflex and ability to make quick decisions during kart driving.


Go from Warsaw to the kart track in Stara Wieś. You are just 20 minutes by car from the grand prix race.


This is a perfect idea for spending free time. In particular for those that, instead of sitting on the couch, prefer some entertainment full of excitement and adrenaline.

Invite your friends and take bends together while having fun in our kart track.


Book a convenient date and time in our website or by contacting our reception desk, where we are waiting to see you.

Check the availability of the kart track in Warsaw and have fantastic fun in karts.